A New Moby-Dick

snow whale

Links to stuff about Moby-Dick in the pop culture.

Moby-Dick at NPR’s Studio 360

Tony Kushner, Ray Bradbury, Laurie Anderson and more talk about the influence of Moby-Dick on their work.

Illustrator Matt Kish’s “a drawing for every page of Moby-Dick”

Matt Kish blogged this project as he completed each new drawing and the collected works will be released as a book by Tin House in October 2011

Inupiat whaling

A short video of Inupiat whalers in Barrow, AK.

Power Moby-Dick

An online annotated unabridged version of Moby-Dick that also includes pop culture updates at the site’s “cultural fallout of the week.”

Download the free ebook of Moby-Dick at Project Gutenberg

Includes Kindle, EPUB, and HTML versions.

A Tumblr called Fuck Yeah Moby-Dick

with lots of Moby-Dick art.

Ishmael’s Dog

A Melville-inspired writer’s blog.

Badass of the Week: Moby-Dick


Uncyclopedia entry for Moby-Dick

The uncyclopedia is the “content-free” encyclopedia.

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