My Column, “How to Be a Better Teacher-Person Through Apathy,” will run in twenty installments from Oct. 2015 – Oct. 2016, at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. I’m taking on the corporatization of the university, contingent faculty issues, and the anti-intellectual American culture through satire and personal essay.

McSweeney’s: How to Be a Better Teacher-Person Through Apathy (Oct. 2015 – Oct. 2016)


I wrote an essay about the difficulty of running ethical writing contests when writers are encouraged to network with each other online. At Front Porch Commons, a magazine and forum of the Council for Literary Magazines and Publishers.

Can We Talk: Writing Contest Ethics in the Age of Social Media (Oct. 2015)


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Chapter Four includes The Snow Whale on their Best Books of 2011 list. “This was a better-than-average year for novels revolving around questions of race and identity set in extreme polar climates and serving a twist on classic novels.”

Chapter Four (12/1911)


Hey Small Press! includes The Snow Whale on their Best of 2011 list. “The funniest book we reviewed all year. A retelling of Moby-Dick that takes on the absurdity of identity and authenticity.”

Hey Small Press! Best of 2011 (12/1/11)


I posted a new story at Fictionaut, made from rearranged and edited Tweets from my Twitter account:

Selected Tweets (June – November 2011), Edited and in Near-Chronologic Order (11/23/11)


I wrote about my relationship with online literary magazines for Northville Review’s The Story So Far:

The Story So Far (Nov 2011)


Contributed a ‘death wish’ to Laura Ellen Scott’s Wish Tank:

Cartoon Physics (11/5/11)


Guest blog at Fathermucker about trying to parent and write at the same time:

Fathermucker (11/22/11)


Guest blog about the room where I wrote The Snow Whale at Write Place, Write Time:

Write Place, Write Time (8/23/11)


I’m interviewed about The Snow Whale at Chapter 16:

Chapter 16 interview (8/9/11)


I have a new story up at Smokelong Quarterly, with an illustration by Matt Kish of a drawing for every page of Moby-Dick fame.

“Finally” (8/8/11)


I made a playlist for The Snow Whale at Largehearted Boy:

Largehearted Boy Booklist (8/4/11)


Author interview at the publisher, Atticus Books:

Author Interview July 2011



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